Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Re-Connected: FINALLY

For the past two years I have relied wholly on my time at work to provide me with internet access. While most workplaces frown upon such activities mine kinda doesnt care as long as your work is done. So I really had no desire to pay for internet in my apartment especially since I'd always had so much trouble. Well....that ended. My new roommate decided that we must get internet and cable. I have not had cable since freshmen year in the dorms (like 6 years ago!). I thought I wouldn't really care, but I came home, turned on my computer (granted its a PC not the fab MAC i have at work), opened up my wireless connections and away we go!!

Next, conquering the DVR. Hmmm.....

Silly isn't it? I should probably be worried that I'm going to spend too much time in front of this thing, but oh well. I'm sure the novelty of having internet access at home will wear off shortly. The one thing that I am super happy about is that I can now blog whenever I want. I usually try not to while at work because I don't want people knowing I have a blog and because my thoughts get interrupted and they make little sense. Not that they make much sense anyway, but you see my point.

Of course right now I have nothing interesting to say or SO many interesting things to say that I can't possibly sit long enough to write them all so for now I will write none of them.

What to look forward to reading here when I find the ambition:
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More adventures with Random gentlemen
Dad's trip to the ICU
plans for the next European vacation