Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback:: 2004

Several years ago, life was simple. Free of iphones, ipads, widely available wifi, Myspace, and Facebook. Let us take a moment to remember what that time was like. What did we do with all of that free time?? Were we bored out of our minds? No, not really. We did this thing called socializing but we did it face to face in social settings not social networks. And stalking was still done the old fashioned way and still considered creepy. Sure we had blogs, email, cell phones, texting, etc, but there was not a link to our Facebook page in our back pocket at all times. It was not part of our daily life.

Well, this past week it has not been a part of my daily life. I did the unthinkable! I forgot my password, and when I tried to reset it the confirmation code never made it to my email. It has been 7 days since my last Facebook login. At first I was dumbfounded! How will I know what everyone did over the weekend? How will I know what's going on???? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (cue twilight zone music).

Now I remember what it was to have a life. To not know what everyone is doing day in and day out, and actually having a reason to call people to see what's new. I mean how often do you talk to a friend and you're telling them a story, and they go ' oh yeah, I saw that on your Facebook." Don't get me wrong, I am trying to gain access to my account again, but in the meantime I am kind of enjoying the time away. Its like that feeling when you go camping and you have to turn off your cellphone because there isn't a cell tour for miles. After a day or two you don't really care if anyone has tried to call you. Whatever it is... it can wait.

Password loss or not.. I challenge you to take a week vacation from Facebook. Reconnect with you friends and your life in real life.