Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter came and went. My brother made a yummy vegetable risotto, I made roasted leeks with bacon cooked over the top to hold in all the fab flavors, and my mom made strawberry shortcake and some beef. She insisted we need a protein. Anyway. In an effort to please my Mom, I also went to church Sunday morning. My boyfriend asked me if I started on fire or if my eyes were burning. HA. Very Funny. But no. Its not that I have a problem with religion - to each their own. I just hate sitting there for an hour while we all sing the same boring songs (out of tune to boot) and feeling uncomfortable.
But I digrees...
Last night after they left my apartment, and I had all the dishes done, I poured myself one last glass of vino and watched the movie, "Once". Its a story about an Irish street performer and a Czech pianist. They decide to get together and record an album before he goes off to London to try and get famous. The music is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is, "If You Want Me." I highly recommend the movie and the soundtrack. If you go on to itunes its either, Once (music from the motion picture) or there is an album that Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova put out called "The Swell Season."

Monday, April 6, 2009

I Think We're Alone Now....

....There Doesn't Seem to be Anyone Around!

Starting June 1st, I will be the sole occupant of a 1 Bedroom apartment! My very first, very own place! While I absolutely love my apartment now, 7th floor, lake view, lots of sun, balcony (ok now im sad), it's time that I have a place of my own. I've been on the receiving end of "roommate breakup" a few times, but it was a lot harder than I thought. How do I tell someone that I am moving out with out hurting their feelings, or will they even care? Well, turns out she kinda saw it coming and we opened a bottle of Beujolais and went on with our evening.

My roommate is a night owl and while I like to go out and have a good time, I find myself craving sleep more. I could be unrealistic and whine that it is all her fault, that she's inconsiderate, but in truth, we are just two different. I can't expect her to go to bed and not watch TV til 2am because its the only time she has, but she can't expect me to continue to live in a place where I can't get a decent nights' sleep.

Another, slightly further from the point, reason is the possibility of living with a guy in the near future. I have always said that no matter what if I am ever going to move in with a boyfriend, fiance, whatever, that I MUST live alone first. My Dad and I were discussing this over the phone the other day and he was very excited about my new place and agreed that living completely on your own is necessary for some people and is kinda of a self discovery sort of venture.

Back to the new place - while it is not nearly as light and beautiful as the place I live now I am quite excited about one thing, ok two things... a kitchen that will allow me to cook with out running out of places to put things. A medium size kitchen table will fit too! AND, what this place lacks in sq. footage and sun light it makes up for in closet space. This place has 4 or 5 closets (at least) and two of them are walk in. I'm starting to think I may need to go buy more clothes. Unfortunately, now that I am on my own I have to watch the budget. :(

As soon as I get the keys I will take some before photos and some after ones once I've decorated it. Pray to the moving GODS that my wonderful green couch fits in the door. Id be really sad if it didn't. I've already told my boyfriend that if it does not that he must keep it in his basement for me until I have a place big enough or I move in. Which brings me slightly off topic... I've never had a guy so willing to commit. Its almost unreal. He really wants me to move in to his house with him, but I respectfully declined and explained that as tempting as that would be, this is something that I need to do for me. I'd regret it if I never lived on my own. Besides, its only a year and we still have a lot of relationship to build before we share a roof.

Til next time!