Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sugar Plum + Beer = Halloween Fun!

The last time I really participated in the whole dress up and go out for Halloween was Freshman year in college. That adventure didn't go so well. It was the first year of the riots on State Street in Madison. My cohorts and I got caught in the crossfire and I had my first, and hopefully only, experience with tear gas. Not so fun. It was quite an experience, but not one I cared to repeat.

Every year I end up getting called to go out & I don't feel like putting together a last minute costume, so I skip it usually. Well, this year I decided on a costume, had it made & figured if I built the costume, the parties would come, and they did.

This year I was The Sugar Plum Fairy, and here are some positives and negatives of this costume:

I got to be all glittery - PRO
Wings in a crowded place are never a good idea - CON
cute boys asking what I'm supposed to be - PRO
drunken idiots asking what I'm supposed to be - CON
The ability to loosen the corset the more I drank - PRO

Later in the night I found myself to be dancing in between two very tall gentlemen. One was dress as a basketball play & the other a fireman - how original. Somehow one of their numbers made its way into my cell phone & the trouble is that I don't really remember which one. Honestly, the only part of the evening I don't remember. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but then the guy actually texted me which never happens & when I meet a guy at a bar I usually dont WANT it to happen. He had a really good time, blah blah, and I'd like to take you out to dinner this week. SHIT! I'm thinking I don't remember what you look like and the name in my phone just CAN NOT be right. I mean who has the 1st name Milan? This guy. Thank you Myspace. Turns out he's not from around here. Funny thing is I don't remember him having an accent.

It was loud and dark what can I say. We're supposed to have dinner tonight - I'll keep you posted.