Monday, December 29, 2008

2008, um.. excuse me? Where did you go?

Holy crap! In a few days it will be the New Year! 2009. This has been the longest and shortest year of my life - sounds weird, but you know what I mean. This time last year I was weighing the postives and negatives of giving my boyfriend and THIRD chance. Our first "lets start over" date was New Years Day and it was such a great day I thought maybe the rest of the year would be great to. Well, not so much. Apparently if you start in a great place you really have no where to go but down. And down I went. Well, ok I'm being dramatic, it wasnt all bad I just went through a lot this year and in hindsight its all been for the best but at times I wanted to scream and run away.

First, my (ex)boyfriend and I broke up for the LAST time. It was painful, but it was certainly for the best. Love is precious and life is too short to waste it on someone who doesnt feel the same. We'll leave that at that.

Around that same time I found out that my wonderful roommate was leaving me for her boyfriend. Time for the relationship to stand the test of living together. It did by the way... they are engaged to be married and I cant think of girl who deserves it more. :)

But, with every cloud there is a silver lining and a friend of a friend decided she wanted to move downtown and in with me she did. She is my favorite roommate to date and right now I risk losing her to Grad School. Well, its probably time I get a place of my own, but I love my apartment now and I dont want to leave it.

Summer came and went yet I am still finding evidence of all the time I spent at the beach this summer. Sand is like broken glass, just when you think you've got every last grain you find yourself feeling that familiar grit underfoot one day while walking around barefoot.

Towards the end of my summer I decided I needed a break from it all and I hopped a plane to Europe to visit my Aunt. I was there for nearly 3 weeks and it was AMAZING. I didnt want to come home. In fact if I didnt have so many wonderful friends here and a job I dont hate.. I may have stayed. My Aunt and family live in Frieburg, Germany which is a very beautiful town. So charming and full of life and culture. During my stay I joined family and friends for a week long stay in Italy. They had rented a house just outside of Orvieto. Breathtaking. I wandered the streets of Rome, Assisi and some other little places while there. I can't wait to go back when I have more time.

Upon my return from Europe I got unsettling news that my Dad was in the hospital. If you've read my blog at all to date you'll know the story. The good news is that he's doing much better than they expected and he may be eligible for a liver transplant this Spring. It was an extremely rough couple of months but I'm still hoping for the best.

Christmas came and went this year in an unusual fashion for me. Never have I ever spent a Christmas away from home. This year I spent it among old people and palm trees. Well, actually I spent it with my Granparents in Florida and the rest of the family. They live in this beautiful 55+ community in Fort Myers. Albeit a little creepy with the perfectly manicured lawns, golf carts outnumbering residents, and speed limit signs that read 26 and 16 mph.

Regardless, it was beautiful and I had my first chance to see the ocean. Well, techinically it was the Gulf, but still. It was beautiful.

On the way home our plane was delayed 3 hours till 120am, but it wasnt updated until after we'd bid everyone farewell and checked our baggage. So my brother and I spent the next few hours drinking in a bar. Lets just say I remember VERY little of the flight and Saturday morning was a little rough.

New Years Eve is just a few days away and I have no solid plans, no resolution and No IDEA what 2009 will bring. Will I finally let the guy I'm dating further into my life? Will I have to find my very own first apartment? After last year I have no real expectations other than to expect anything and everything.